Banquet La Sirene

480 Boul Saint-Martin O,est of autoroute 15, Laval, QC H7M1Y8

(450) 662-1999

Banquet La Sirene map, 480 Boul Saint-Martin O,est of autoroute 15 Laval QC H7M1Y8 international

eighteen days ago around 6AM at Banquet La Sirene in Pont-Viau Laval QC between Sun Valley & De Touraine / Saint-Martin BOUL O and de Touraine RUE
Banquet La Sirene

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Hours of Operation:
New Section
Wedding package#1 -
punch bowl with alcohol,hot hors-d'oeuvres,2liters of wine per table,soup,salad,main course(5 choices)coffee or tea included
45$taxes & services included
wedding package#2 -
punch bowl with alcohol,hot hors-d'oeuvres(bruschetta also included)soupe,salad,choice of third entree,main course rib steak(16oz)coffe or tea.(cover seats included)
55$taxes &services included
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